Why Coaching?

My Story

It is a Life Changer .

I believe you can get through anything with faith, a sense of humor and supportive people. Determination and perseverance have also been keys to my own success and growth.

When I’m not in the office you may find me hiking or biking with friends or family. I could just as easily be sitting in solitude with my journal or breathing in the salty air at the ocean. Being around water and nature is essential to my very life! I’m down to earth, easy-going and genuine. I will take crisp New Hampshire air and the glow of a campfire over the glare of city lights or sounds of blaring traffic any day! I’m a Christ-follower, a devoted mom, (2 sons and 2 dogs!), a sister, daughter, and loyal friend.

Coaching is...

Building Relationships .

When I was 16 and not too long after I lost my father I was having a difficult time. I was feeling lost and floundering about. I knew one thing: I loved being at camp, around the water and swimming. I wanted to become a life guard, but there was a small problem. I wasn’t a great swimmer! Encouraged and challenged to pursue this position regardless, I did end up becoming certified as a life guard and I absolutely loved my job!

While I enjoyed the guarding, the opportunity to connect with people and build relationships was the most meaningful to me.

tressa life coach home

In college I minored in French. I lived for six months in the quaint little village of Saint Malo. I stayed with a wonderful woman, Marie and her 3 children. Marie is who I call “my French Mom!” These are relationships I treasure to this day. Marie and her children graciously helped me overcome challenges, gain confidence and exposed me to many different cultures and experiences.

I take this same spirit of adventure, perseverance and enthusiasm of exploring into my coaching practice.

  • It’s exciting to walk alongside someone as they identify their deepest sense of purpose and move toward growth and transformation!
  • It’s rewarding to be instrumental in helping someone feel empowered to live their fullest potential and realize their dreams.
Coaching is...

Building Relationships .

tressa -jobena
My sister, Jobena and I

As you can see from my own story, I’ve experienced the benefits of having supportive, encouraging people that were committed to my personal enrichment, spiritual direction and helping me discover my truest self. I know how pivotal it is to have this in someone, which is why I became a Psychotherapist and a Life Coach

I take this same spirit of adventure, perseverance and enthusiasm of exploring into my coaching practice.

How Does it work?

My Approach .

In coaching we work together to identify your dreams and goals. We clarify what resources you may need to achieve them and we strategize for the best possible outcome based on those dreams and goals.