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Hello and welcome! I'm Tressa. I know how pivotal it was and is for me to have compassionate and supportive people in my life. That's why I became a Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist.

Reach Your True Potential
with a Professional Life Coach

The Possibilities are endless!
Boost your productivity, explore a new career, build a relationship, start a business or a ministry.


Learn to be proactive, rather than reactive. Navigate your life's path with more confidence and authenticity.


If you have a business or would like to launch one, it is important to set the tone that's going to be right for you.


Life/work balance is key to developing and maintaining a schedule that works for you and your family.


Do you often feel overwhelmed? Organization is more than home/office storage. It's important to organize internally so you have control of your inward environment as well as your external.

Helping people is what i do

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I know how it is

Woman to Woman.

It can be difficult to navigate the challenges of modern life as a woman. Finding the motivation to embark on a project that would enhance your quality of life is important, but having the confidence to see it through is tough. I want to inspire you to reach your true potential by helping you to overcome the obstacles that you face in your personal or professional life. As a dedicated life coach for women, I offer you a brand new way of being the person you have always known you are.
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Imagine how purposeful your life can be with your own personal cheerleader on your side! As your professional life coach, you would benefit from my supportive framework so that you can realize your goals more easily. If you feel that coaching may be a good fit for you and you have a phone and/or computer, please reach out to me to set up a free consultation. Your location does not matter, but my coaching is provided in English only. To find out more about the program, call today at (603) 964-1700.

About Goals

Together we will clarify your goals and chart the course of your path!

Getting There

Get where you want to go faster by having your own personal cheerleader to encourage you!

Phone Based and Flexible

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How Coaching is Different What You need to know

  • It is not covered by your health insurance
  • It is not regulated like healthcare
  • Distance is no problem! (It is phone-based)
  • It is not psychotherapy which is for a clinically diagnosed mental health condition.

Utilize the Gifts You Have for a More Productive Life

Believing in yourself can be difficult, but with a qualified life coach, you can reach your true potential. I work with women from all walks of life, including women entrepreneurs as well as young women looking to establish their place in the world. With one on one coaching, you can discover your gifts and apply them to your goals, creating a more productive and balanced way of living so that you can realize success in a more productive way. This telephone-based program is available to women across the country for results that matter.

Once we decide we will work well together, I will send a welcome packet! It all begins with a conversation...