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Stress is very problematic for everyone! It can push you towards the edge without actively making the situation any better. What you really want to do is to find creative, better ways to handle any situation and constantly focus on improving how you feel and the way you handle any kind of process. The main challenge with stress management is that most of us tend to succumb to stress pretty easily. Here are some simple tips I’ve compiled for you to help with managing it.

Focus on Time Management

There are so many things tugging at us for our attention, right? It’s so easy to get side tracked, overwhelmed and frustrated at times. I know I do! It’s really important to handle time wisely. Productivity tools are a great resource to use. There are so many! Don’t hesitate to use them. You’ll find if you You schedule things adequately you’ll end up making better use of the time you do have. You may find you’re not as worried and stressed if you implement a simple strategy like this.

Eat Healthily

What you nourish your body with is crucial!  The right nutrient balance and hydration will mean more energy in the day, better sleep at night and over all, a more relaxed feeling.

Exercise Often

Exercising is great for stress management. It allows you to focus on something else other than stress for a change. Exercise triggers the happy hormones too so it gives you high energy levels, which can translate to a happier and more productive you 🙂

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Make Time for Other Stuff

You work hard, but sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is walk away from it all for a while. Try to take time off and recharge your mind and body. Focus on your hobbies, find a new hobby. Relax with a book. Take a walk just because.  It might not sound like a lot, but it can make a big difference in your overall mental and physical, as well as emotional health.

Stay Away from Alcohol and Drugs

It goes without saying, but these are not going to help anyone in the long term. Eliminating drugs or alcohol from your life and learning proper time management or taking care of your body is a lot better and it will give a much better set of results every time, so try to do that.

Talk With Others

Social support helps quite a bit. Try some “friend therapy.”  Talk and network with other people to keep things out of your head and off your chest. Ask them what their methods and strategies are for managing stress or what productivity tools they may have that you don’t. You never know. You just may learn something new and in the process carve out a little more down time for yourself.women talking

Be Patient and Stay Positive

Positivity is huge. Of course there will be challenges along the way, but if you can learn to master your thinking, coping with the challenges won’t be as exhausting. Congratulate yourself on achievements and successes, goals met, etc. Note the progress you’re making – especially when tackling a bigger project. It’s so easy to forget how much we’ve actually done when we know how much more there is to do. Go easy on yourself and try to enjoy the journey! As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The best things take time. In the meantime, please take care of yourself. You won’t get where you’re going any faster if you crash and burn.

In conclusion, we need to take care of ourselves in order to be able to manage stress well. It’s something we have to purpose to do. Life won’t allow it to happen on its own. Believe me, I know all of these things from experience! If you need a little help, I’m here. 😉

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