My Theme for the New Year

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Choose a Word for Your New Year

Happy New Year!

We’ve all heard of New Year’s Resolutions year after year with a long list that often gets lost in the shuffle of life, we lose focus and before long it looks and feels like a failure.

In past years I have been a fan of a vision board since I am very visually inspired.  BUT… today, I would like to present to you a new and different idea to consider as you step into this new year.  Something a little less rigid, but still very powerful in helping to focus on creating positive change.  Choose your One Word of the Year that encompasses how you want to intentionally  approach this year.

How to Decide Which Word to Choose

Think about something that resonates with you personally at this point in your life.  Brainstorm and write down your words – nouns, verbs, anything, everything, then narrow it down from 10 to 5 to ONE that really speak to your heart.  Focus on how you want to approach this year and the kind of person you want to become. Take some time to think, ponder, pray and ask God to give you clarity of your word and step into action.  Write that word on a beautiful note card with a fun color , artwork or stickers and stick it to your fridge, dashboard, desktop or phone screensaver – anywhere you will see it EVERY day. 

My Word for 2020

For example, my word for this year is COURAGEOUS.  I have been courageous in the past but this past year I have felt a bit knocked down and beaten up.  I have had enough and I am choosing to boldly take back myself and move into the new and improved me – I am choosing to be more courageous – step into more of a fullness of what God has given me.   I’m choosing to believe that God has a bigger calling for me and I am so excited to see what this brings.   I am going to use that word to focus it in my work, business, relationships, spiritual life and daily interactions with intentional discipline. 

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Let's Do This!

If you choose to join me (which I really hope you do! )… together we’re committing to putting our full effort toward those important areas of our lives. Picking something and moving forward is an action and every action no matter how big or small, makes a difference – YOU make a difference! 

I would LOVE to hear YOUR word for the year!  Please consider sharing your WORD and your WHY that could bless and inspire someone else here today

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