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It’s October and so there are ghosts and goblins, zombies and many more creepy things everywhere I look. Lawns are decorated with everything from headstones to giant spiders. mean pumpkinYuck. Sure, it’s fun to see the little ones dressed up as everything from lamp posts to pumpkins. If it stayed that way it wouldn’t be half bad. I can do without the gore and horror.

Simply put, this is the time of year that scary is fashionable.

Let me ask you. What is your biggest fear? Does it rattle off the tip of your tongue with ease or do you need to dig deep? I think we all struggle with fear in some way.

I will share with you one of my fears. I’ve been afraid of appearing weak and unintelligent. Somewhere along the line, I decided I needed to always look competent and self-sufficient. Is this anything that resonates with you?

Culture pushes us to know it all, do it all and be everything to everyone. Is it any wonder we don’t know how to ask for assistance when we need it, or feel that we have to keep it all together on the outside, even if we’re falling apart on the inside?

I’m so grateful for the mentors and coaches in my life that challenge me to think outside my comfort zone and the proverbial “boxes.” One such person is Quita.

She challenged me to see a bigger picture for my life. She helped me recognize my limiting beliefs and helped me see I was being held back by this fear of being weak. Because of her, I became intentional about noticing my tendency to limit myself and decided to seek opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone.

Here’s one example:

I wanted some new and fresh pictures for my website.
A friend of mine, Nancy, had recently done some fabulous photos for my niece’s senior pictures. I didn’t want to burden her by asking her to help me, but I put aside my fear and took up my bravery and asked anyway. She responded with a resounding “I’d love to!”camera

Wow, really? Not only did she say yes, but she was excited about it! When I chose to put my fear aside, God so graciously filled in the gaps- and did beyond what I had asked. We also had a lot of fun and laughs in the process! I can’t wait to see these new photos (stay tuned!)

Thinking about this one example in my life, it made me wonder. How many times do we -do I – miss out on the blessing of receiving something God may want to give or do through someone else?

What about you?

Is there something or someone you need to come along side you? Are you afraid of what may happen if you “let down your guard” or allow yourself to admit that you need someone or something to help you through? What would it look like, if just for a moment, you did allow yourself to shift your mindset and step outside of your comfort zone? What if it makes your day? Or someone else’s?


For God will never give you the spirit of fear,
but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love, and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7 TPT

The Scriptures talk a lot about fear. So many times we see the phrase “fear not.” Life can be scary and ghoulish at times. Things happen that are totally outside our control. Try as we might, we cannot hold everything together all of the time. We are human. Not plastic.

I invite you to look at your life, notice the mindsets that may be holding you back. Talk to God about them, enlist a trusted friend, mentor or coach to help you work through your fear.

Do you know one thing that the Bible says about fear? It says that perfect love casts out fear. His perfect love casts out fear. So whatever it is that’s scary for you, nothing is too big for Him. You are loved, and his most precious creation. You and I have nothing to fear when we are walking hand in hand with Him. It doesn’t mean everything will have a happy ending or that we will always receive the answers we want. It does mean that we are never alone, that He will comfort and guide and whether it is in the soft green meadows of a Summer Day – or the frightening chill of Winter, you and I can be confident that He is there. Always.

Do not be afraid.

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